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Kurdestan electrical power distribution Co

Kurdistan power distribution is a service company that distribute and sell the electrisity energy and to present these services – it must do west regional electrisity directions and power ministry circulars and standards company aim is distribute and sell electrisity energy to customers for more their satisfaction and continued amelionation its processes

To achieve this gool its company management policy base on following origins determine and declare:

1 – present desirable services equal power ministry standards and rules by company personal and providers in under took place and time to customers

2 – use abligor and expert humanity power and increase the level of their knowledge – expert knowledge and skill with instruction and base on modern scientificard technichal findings to present desirable services to customers.

3 – use new technology and fit equipment to increase modern effective systems and to amelionate installation and electrisity distribution lattice and move to ((zero silence))

4 – move to increase safety culture to protect humanity power source and installation both inside and outside the organismic.

Manage ment of company wants to present this policy use manage ment quality system base on Iso 9001 2000 and amelioration in continuing to move to wide quality manage ment

Company managing director as serious responsile to certainty to mentioned aims as compared with settlement and continuation of this system he know himself obligor and expect from all of co – workers that with unani mous – sincere and sym pathy in this direction move on

About Us

Produce and use electrisity with install two generators 150kw in present place of parvin etesami elementary school in 1326 began this installation in 1330 decayed totally and again in 1332 with city responsibles and proprietors capitalize and munici pality cooperation in nationed park present place of company two generators 150kw by light company begin to work and in this date the first electrisity distinction left.

Development of installation and generators as to development processes of use under the company continued until in 1345 installation and organization of city electrisity department was delivered to west regional and with the victory of brilliant Islamic revolution of Iran to prevent deprivation of region wide plan and actions was done for develope the trans mition lattice and distribution electrisity in Kurdistan province as in 1364 qorveh 20.63 post by three 63kw lines hamedan – qorveh and subsequent that in 1365 by multi 230kw hamedan – sanandaj 63.230 post of sanandaj exploited.

To execute the power ministry politics to convene the distribution companies of Kurdistan electrisity power distribution co from 1371 is activing under west regional electrisity.
Now provide Kurdistan electrisity is doing by wide lattice and from three axes hamedan – azarbayjan and kermanshah by trans mition 230.132 and 63kw.

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Contact Us

Postal Address: Kurdestan electrical power distribution Co, Site edari toos nozar, Janbazan St., Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Islamic republic of Iran

Postal Code: 66167 – 34463

Telephone: +98 87 33283601-9

Fax: +98 87 33281725

Email: info(at)kurdelectric.ir

Holidays: Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays

Poffice time: 7:15 – 14:30

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